Maintain your bearings

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What each fidget spinner owner should know...

Of course you want to have fun as long as possible on your new spinner. Please consider the following:

• The bearings that are used in the FidgetSpinner, can not withstand sand. So never take him to the beach. Use it preferably alone inside.

• If there have been sand in the bearings, do not use water but clean it with compressed air. Blow air through the bearings from back to front (see below).

• Do not use lubricants to improve the running of the bearings. Shortly after using it will seem that things are improving, but soon this will change. Lubricants are pulling the dirt.

• Of course, your spinner sometimes fall to the ground. This makes it possible to shift than a ball bearing, or stand out in the whole. That’s no problem. You can easily restore it again. Make sure that the ball bearing is in the middle of the spinner because if it already protrudes slightly, this may adversely affect the spin time and stability.

• When resetting the bearing never use a hammer or something like that. The bearing can easily be pushed back into the housing on a flat surface.

• If the bearing eventually moves too easily in the case because it has been out too often, then secure it with a drop of superglue.

These are called ‘the basic facts’ that are important when you own a fidget spinner. If you want to know more, read on.

Maintain your bearings

The following is intended as a guide for cleaning bearings for fidget spinners in general. Not specific to the Original Fidget Spinner. Original Fidget Spinner is always made of 100% ABS, aluminum or copper. The center used bearings are always hybrid ceramic. These bearings never use lub.

Before we begin with the explanation of the cleaning of the bearings, I want to point out that a long spin time is not necessarily a characteristic of a “good spinner.” A good spinner is one that suits your individual needs and preferences. Naturally, it is intended that runs a spinner ultra smooth. However, there are spinners that do spin the 5 minutes. That is not always necessary. Indeed, it is entirely dependent on how you want to use self-spinner. Some people choose to spin back and forth. In order to start and stop constant with short spins. A long spin time is taking so completely unimportant. But when you start / stop find a nice way to work with a fidget spinner, a smooth spinner will increase the fun. So when you start / stop to find your way with your spinner to play, do not be influenced by others if they talk negatively about the running time of your fidget spinner.

But what if you find it interesting to increase the running time of your spinner, then read on. You can, if you spinner ever shorter rotation, clean the bearings, use this information below.
For all bearings applies: Keep your spinner away from sand, sand is a bearing’s worst enemy. Keep your bearings as clean as possible and never use lubricants (unless associated with your lower species, but look below).

Step 1:
If you have lower end caps, remove them. This Youtube video is removing the caps well explained.

Step 2:
Clean the bearing clean with the aid of an undiluted solvent such as acetone, alcohol, spirits or paint thinner. For cleaning do not WD-40, it will work well at first, but soon the fidget spinner will rotate again less well because WD-40 attracts dirt properly.
Some bearings have a lubricant with from the factory, you remove this when you use a solvent. Pour this solvent in a glass bowl, place the spinner there and turn it around so that the dirt can come out of the bearing.

Attention! If you have a fidget spinner with a plastic casing, use isopropyl alcohol only. At each other solvent will also dissolve the plastic of the spinner.
Would you be 100% sure, you would be able to choose to push the ball bearing from the plastic housing of the spinner.
Like many high quality plastic products are the Original Fidget Spinners made of 100% ABS. While pure ABS is not affected by isopropyl alcohol, there are plastic products in which a small amount of styrene is. ABS, for example, wires that are used in 3D-printing, they will be influenced by isopropyl alcohol. The spinner will therefore not immediately dissolve and fall apart, but can therefore be going to feel less comfortable. You can exclude silly risks and clean your bearing with hot water and soap, but make sure that you do all the water out of the bearing before you reconnect it.

Step 3:
If the bearing is completely clean, you take a can of compressed air (or you’re using a compressor) and blow your lower as dry as possible. Especially with non-ceramic bearings this is important. Because even though you have stainless steel bearings, can also oxidize.
To promote drying, you can also use a hair dryer, but note here very well. Because solvents are flammable and is as a filament in the hair dryer is there risk of ignition.
While blow-drying, it is advisable to rotate the spinner. This frees up all the parts where moisture has been sitting, in contact with the hot air stream.

Do not use a textile or paper to dry the bearings, making fibers may get into the bearings, so that they will only start to rotate worse.

Step 4:
Put your spinner back together and you’re done!
Standard ball bearings had been given a lubricant from the factory, these lubrication after cleaning lost. The lower them could be something more noise. If you find this distracting, use bearing oil (like this one) to lubricate the bearings again. Use only one drop, this is more than sufficient for proper lubrication. Never use another lubricant, these bearings will only get slower.


But imagine that the above does not offer a solution, of course, you have the opportunity to replace the ball bearing for a good new one. Fortunately, the standards are standardized, making the bearings universally interchangeable.

We still wish you a lot of spin fun!

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